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Somalia's background and economy as to why there are pirates

In this video, describes how poor the country of Somalia is and how GDP of Somalia is only $2 billion. Also this video discusses how aid is essential to support Somalia.

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Quotes from The Pirates of Somalia

While I read The Pirates of Somalia by Jay Bahadur, I highlighted important passages. Here they are:

"To him, his actions had been in protection of his sea, the native waters he had known his while life: his hijackings, a legitimate form of taxation levied in absentia on behalf of a defunct government that he represented in spirit, if not in law" (26).

The "he" in this quote, is a pirate named Boyah that the author interviewed. Boyah and most pirates rely on piracy due to an ineffective government and view themselves as protectors of the seas.

Another important passage, I want to share is:

"Half the money went to the attackers, the men who actually captured the ship. A third went to the operation's investors: those who fronted the money for the ships, fuel, tracking equipment, and weapons. The remaining sixth went to everyone else: the guards ferried from shore to watch over the hostage crew, the suppliers of food and water, the translators (occasionally high school students on their summer break), and even the poor and disabled in the local community, who received some as charity. Such largesse, Boyah told me, had made his merry band into Robin Hood figures amongst the residents of Eyl" (199).

What I thought was interesting was that the author and the pirates view themselves as Robin Hood figures and the author refers the pirates as Robin Hood figures throughout the book. The pirates obviously pay themselves for their work but also contribute to the local community.

Everyday Somalian Pirates
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Piracy in the News

Piracy has been broad casted on the news numerous times. Check out this link for a news report on Somalia pirates.

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Somalia Pirates. The picture provided by depicts how Somalia pirates function and where they get the manpower, weapons, and finance. Basically, since Somalia is having many economic problems, Pirates utilize the underdevelopment of their country and is the source as to why they become pirates.


What about the Coast Guard?

With all this talk about piracy, one would wonder what is the government of Somalia doing to address piracy?

Well there is a Coast Guard that is meant to address piracy however piracy is more evolved then the Somalia Coast Guard and also the Coast Guard is corrupt.

"Far from being a neutral state actor, the Puntland Coast Guard of the late 1990s and early 2000s worked as a private militia for the protection of commercial trawlers in possession of "fishing licences"-informal documents arbitrarily sold by various government bureaucrats for personal profit" (The Pirates of Somalia, 30).

As the quote describes, the Puntland Coast Guard is not truly a Coast Guard more of a private security body guards for commercial boats.

Puntland Coast Guard
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Piracy and the Youth

The youth are highly used in Somalia piracy. Pirates look for young men to hire as muscle to help the pirates highjack ships and utilized to be intrepretors.

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The Flag of Somalia and the meaning behind it

The flag of Somalia was adopted on October 12, 1954. 
Somalia officially the Somali Republic. The Somalian flag description is light blue with a large white five-pointed star in the center. Somali flag meaning:Blue field influenced by the flag of the UN, the United Nations helped Somalia gain independence from Italy, and the flag design was adopted in its honor. The five edges of star symbolize the five areas where Somalis live. These five places are British Somaliland (somaliland), Italian Somaliland (somalia), French Somaliland (Djibouti), Ogaden (Ethiopia), and Northern Frontier District (Kenya).

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Somalia's Economy

The shillings is the currency used in Somalia. The currency rate for the shilling is 1,438.30 shillings=$1.

The natural resources in Somalia are uranium, iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, and salt.

Hence the background on my blog which is grains of salt because salt is one of the natural resources in Somalia.

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The reason behind picking Somalia

This summer I read a book which lead to my discovery and fascination with Somalia. The book is called, "The Pirates of Somalia Inside Their Hidden World" by Jay Bahadur. Below is a picture of the front cover of the book. If I never read this book, one I would have never picked Somalia for my class blog and two would have never heard of the amazing back story behind piracy. 

Intro./First Blog Ever

Hello Geog. 326OL class,
    This is my first blog ever, hope you enjoy what I post. The country I decided to pick was Somalia. I will be posting interesting facts about the history and current status of Somalia along with pictures. If you have any questions or comments, either email or give me a comment. Thank you for checking out my blog and enjoy!